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Basic Engineering is developed taking as a starting point the information provided by the Conceptual Engineering phase. Also known as FEED, it is the phase of the project in which the engineering and documentation of the process is produced, with the accuracy and required level of detail to adequately define the equipment, piping lines and other project specifications in later phases of the project.

Arveng’s main goals during the development of Basic Engineering are to confirm the investment decision, develop and define the optimal solution and determine he profitability of the project.

The extension and definition of the Basic Engineering must be such that the engineering team can obtain the precise data to perform the detailed design of the equipment and systems, ensuring the successful completion of the project.

Due to the above, it is of vital importance to materialize the requirements and specifications of the project. Arveng’s team will work together with the client’s team to develop the level of detail that allows to eliminate or drastically reduce the need to make critical changes during the Detailed Engineering and Implementation stages.


Basic Engineering deliverables include some of the following doc's...

  • Design basis

  • PFD’s, P&ID’s and safety diagrams

  • Main equipment Data Sheets and Specifications

  • Instrument and valve Data Sheets

  • General arrangement diagrams for equipment and main piping lines

  • Cost estimation and development of project schedule

  • Identification of special equipment and slection of potential suppliers.

  • HAZOP / HAZID / SIL / LOPA Studies

  • Project execution and HSE plans

  • Registy of project risks