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The Basic Engineering of a project is of utmost importance, the next step is fundamental: The Detailed Engineering. Consists of the detailed study and analysis of all systems involved in a plant and the development of the drawings and technical documents to execute the project and satisfactorily complete the construction stage.

In this phase of the project the technical calculations and the final detailed design of the processes and components is carried out. In addition, the quality of the planning carried out in previous stages is checked, assuring the material and labor resources are adapted according to the result that is to be achieved.

Through lessons learned gathered in more than 20 years of experience and a highly qualified team, Arveng can develop the complete detail engineering of your project, complying with standards, specifications, applicable procedures within the industry and with mandatory regulations as per local legislation.


Our Detailed Engineering services cover the following technical areas…

Process Engineering

Piping Systems

Mechanical Equipment
(Static & Rotating)

Instrumentation & control

Electrical Engineering

Civil & Structures